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Trade Show Accessories

The trade shows or trade show booths are the best solutions to showcase your company and expand the reach to the companies and clients by flaunting your beneficial services. So why not add a sense of elite professionalism with style in your booth displays by using our accessories? You will be amazed to see such a wide variety of booth essentials at Starline Inflatables.

You are welcomed to visit our official site to get information about our extensive products. Pick what you find suitable for your business and view the item’s details and confirm your order through an easy online shopping method. Our exclusive range of portable trade show counters & podiums offers you a chance to use all the extra space to your advantage. You can make it your exciting giveaway station, a gaming point, or a counter to take attendee information. Starline Inflatables offers accessories that are suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, professional and personal meetings, business and recreational events, whatsoever!

You must be thinking about why additional supplies are necessary to buy? Because these optional accessories are not only for decoration but increase the customer's engagement. With these commodities, especially with the custom-made essentials, you can make your booth outstanding and visually appealing. We are pleased to introduce our impressive variety of table throws, table runners, convertible table covers, or custom table covers that come with the option of customization.

Starline Inflatables is pleased to help you by bringing you an all-time assistant that can guide you about trendy designs and styles in case you need your personalized tablecloths but running short on time or out of ideas. We always focus on deadlines and aim to deliver your order at your doorstep before the time ends even if the period is shorter. We have 6ft or 8ft available options with a wide range of fabric shades and background schemes.

Represent your brand exclusively with your custom-made tablecloths having the company logo embossed over any color, and fabric you need.

Do you want to cover all four sides of the table? Get a full table throw. Or do you want to keep your side open while covering the rest? Because our team has created an open back table throw, that is designed to shelter 3 sides leaving one o to provide easy and extra storage space. The most frequently used style is in the fitted option. It covers all sides from table to floor but has close-fitting bringing a delicate, smart, and professional outlook.

Literature racks are the most under-rated accessory although it comes with great use and multiple benefits. We have creatively designed portable trade show literature racks that come with additional latches and belts to keep your business essentials safe at one place that is at easy accessibility. In the final evaluation, brochure racks are tested for quality because we intend to provide the accessories that offer long term use. Due to their minimalist design, reasonable rates and quick installation, racks are the go-to accessory.

It is impossible to not find something that will match your brand’s advertising style from our extensive range of outdoor signs. They are made with durable material, either plastic or aluminum, at budget-friendly rates. The available options are A-frame sidewalk signs, double-sided banner stands, and message signs. You can choose your favorite hard-wearing, sleek, and easy-to-carry travel trade showcases from our product line.

Add something little extra to your booth and feature an oversized cheque that can also be customized. Outsized cheques will be an alternative to entice customers, to reflect your generosity, and to collect donations for future charity fundraising events. We are offering oversized cheques with your company’s logo which makes it important to take a picture with and an efficient way of publicizing your brand.

The first thing you need is life-sized cutouts in high-resolution graphics and crystal-clear pixels to grab the attention of passers-by. We are at your service to let you explain your story through images. All you need to do is update us about your specifications and demands. We have been using tough, strong, and long-lasting corrugated plastic to create your custom-made life-size cutouts.

Don’t forget to check out our fancy range of Bar Height and Table Height wooden chairs which are made with weatherproof beech wood. At Starline Inflatables, you have the choice of plain fabric backrest and/or seat and printed custom-made backrest and/or seat. You can set the chairs indoors or outdoors, wherever you like as they offer easy storage, portability and are made extremely lightweight for easy carrying. Try matching your chair's fabric with other accessories, either in the same or contrasting colors.

The imposing LED light fixtures are the best way to add a cool factor to your outdoor booth. Without bright light, your trade show booth will become dull-spirited. We are delivering a modish yet elegant, durable yet cost-effective LED light fixture. If you are worried about overheating, don’t be! We have a range of efficient LED lights that emit very little heat.

Our team is always available to help and guide you. We would like to hear your feedback and will be pleased to solve your queries! Call us at (877) 409-0265 or email us at with your clear message.

Trade Show Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

Pop-up displays are designed on the “expanding/collapsing frame mechanism”. It has a tool-free setup with portability.

  1. First, take the display and frame out of the carrying case.
  2. Put the printed graphic side up
  3. Keep pulling the frame from the opposite corners until you reach the maximum length
  4. Join all the plastic connectors inside the frame
  5. Place the frame in a vertical position
  6. For a composed look, tie up the visible excess print fabric of each side beyond the frame

A trade show is a professional business event where industrial and small-scale brands are invited to display their highest quality services and products. It could be either local, bringing domestic brands in one place, or global that gathers international brands. These shows are the best way to connect with other fortune companies. It also offers an influential platform to increase your marketing, sales, or ROI and customer engagement.

The total cost of the booth at the trade show depends on the booth styling, material quality, and the number of accessories you use. Besides, the size of the essentials also matters. For a 10×10 booth space, the expected expenditure will be approx. $14,000, whereas bigger 20×20 space, marks the budget up to $20,000. Simplistic styles for booth and small-sized supplies will come in cheaper options but personalized items in large sizes and extensive details will be expensive. The price will go higher with the inclusion of each additional feature or accessory. Another aspect that affects the cost is the total floor space covered.

On average, booth space runs within $20-$45/square foot. Always keep the margin as the amount will be spent more than you have imagined.

By promoting your company’s unique benefits in the most compelling way

  1. By setting up a game booth and offering giveaways to the winners and your guests
  2. Deliver precise information in an understandable text font that entices customers
  3. Feature engaging activities such as competitions, concert, celebrity presence, competitions, board games, etc.
  4. Use eye-catching graphical backdrop and other unique accessories Get customized trade show booth display products with the logo or company details to invite more customers
  5. Give a product demo, or a chance to test your product
  6. Offer a limited event-only service (discounts, sales, free products, etc.)
  7. Create Call to Action (CTA)

Trade shows are the best way to connect with other fortune companies. It also offers an influential platform to increase your marketing and customer engagement. It helps promote business or you can notify your customers about new products. It is beneficial for enticing customers to increase sales. You can take this opportunity for promotional announcements, as well.

Yes, why not!

Exhibiting at a trade show will not only give you an opportunity to showcase your brand products but also a chance to connect with new potential customers. These events are the source of updating you about the upcoming developments in the related industries so you can bring cutting edge progress in your brand by looking and observing keenly.

Trade Show Accessories