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Inflatable Canopies – Easy Installation, Storage, And Packing!

Starline Inflatables is a company that can deliver you high-quality inflatable canopies for your booth on a shorter notice.

You can contact us if you want to set up a tent for your business event or a quick get-together party and we will arrange a tent which will complement your event. Choose inflatable tents of any style, design, and size from the wide Inflatable range. Our tents are not only made modish but are also multifunctional to maximize ease and double the comfort.

The best feature of our canopy tents is that it requires no extra tools to set up and comes with a pole-less frame. It is made for convenient installation and packing. The tent can be arranged or folded with no time. To set a display, all you need is to lock the tent base, pump it with the air, pin the positions, and DONE! To dismantle, start with loosening the valves, deflate and lastly, unfasten the lines. The setting of the inflatable tents will take a maximum of 10 minutes.

Reasons to choose inflatable canopy tents

We make our inflatable tents special by using heavy-duty fabric to offer maximum durability. Our in-house graphic team implements the best marketing and advertising strategies. We always choose the most suitable and attention-grabbing color schemes to give uniqueness to your display booth. The highlight is that our sturdy inflatable tents are made to resist harsh weather conditions which makes them perfect for outdoor settings.

We have not only excelled in providing eye-catching designs but also durability. The tents are manufactured with inflatable and telescopic air-beams replacing old-styled steel and fiberglass poles. The pole will extend and become stiff on inflating to support the tent while keeping it stretched upright.

No matter if you need a personalized canopy tent for casual or formal events, personal or professional meetings, our inflatable tent selection will make your event memorable.

Rain or Shine - Perfect for outdoor settings

Having an event in the bad weather? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Our wide-ranging inflatable canopies with auxiliary air tubes and poled tents will keep your tent stand firm. Harsh winds will probably bend the pole but these are kept flexible enough to make it spring back instead of cracking and breaking.

Convenient and quick installation

If you are running short on time, opt for our canopy tents that can be arranged, dismantled, and re-arranged within a few minutes. The inflatable tents with pole-less layout can be packed and unpacked, effortlessly and can be squeezed anywhere even in a cycle pannier or saddlebag. We are available to create specially custom-made tents for an extra personalized look to the trade show booth. Our Inflatable products range is found in a variety of designs, shades, and styles.

At the end of the event you can stuff the tent inside storage bags without needing an extra pair of hands.

Inflatable Tents Frequently Asked Questions

Inflatable tents or called air tents are one of the most reliable items, made with extremely high-quality raw material. It is an economical, durable, and easy alternative to the poled tents. Even if it's water, scratch, and fire-resistant, you must handle it with care. It can resist winds and rains but in harsh weather, it will wear and tear quickly.

Air tents are considered highly durable as they are manufactured with reliable fabric. They are made strong with the help of updated tried and tested technology. Every tent is subjected to a force test to ensure the quality before routinely use. All air poles are tested to a certain air pressure that gives you extra room for expansion.

At Exhibit Displays, you can get a broad range of air tent spares in case of any damage or emergency, but with our guaranteed quality, you will never have to use them.

Yes, they can withstand windy weather conditions. Their flexible inflated poles hold the fabric firm and in case of increased wind pressure, instead of getting broken or cracked, the poles bent down and pop up back, unlike traditional canopy tents.

The major difference between a traditional and inflatable tent is the poles. Unlike traditional poles with standard poles, the inflatable tents have inflatable beams or tubes infused inside the tent layout.

It means, all you have to do is pump the air inside air-tubes and the tent will set up in a few minutes. At the end of the event, let the air out of the poles and pack the tent in seconds without needing an extra pair of hands.

To maximize the durability and enhance the strength, the tents’ fabrics are characteristically covered with synthetic materials. This strong lamination protects the fabrics from environmental damages, as well, such as fire, wind, rain, and rays. The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated vinyl or nylon, and oxford woven cloth are the most frequently used materials. In comparison, PVC tents inflatables are a bit pricey but offer more years of use.

Inflatable Tents



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