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Custom Flags

Anyone who is looking to expand the business reach and clientele must promote their company efficiently. And, for business promotion, you need to present yourself most professionally and cleverly at any trade show or conference. Besides multiple accessories, the use of the custom feather flags at your display booths will be beneficial.

Do you know how people used to declare their victory in the past? By raising their flags on the battlefield. It means flags have been used as a way of communication for decades. The flags are a part of our daily life events as these are habitually used in business expos for enticing customers.

How do Feather Flags become a part of promotional work?

Many people question the necessity of feather flags during the advertising because they don’t know their real worth and role in branding businesses. You can consider it a major business signage tool that can be posted outside or inside, perfect for outdoor and indoor settings. At Starline Inflatables, you can get the flags in a wide-scoped variety of colors, designs, and shapes that are easy to set.

Hang your feather-shaped flags vertically on a booth to bring the customer’s attention to the company’s key marketing information.

Variety of flags

The feather flags have become an essential accessory that will not only enhance the booth’s appearance but also expands the chances of getting higher ROI. We are proudly offering you a variety of innovatively designed and carefully crafted feather flags to promote your brand, and to advertise the promotional sales.

The two most modish and eye-catching flag shapes out of our long list collection are:

Rectangular-shaped flags

The best advantage of the rectangle shape is its space which is enough to write a lot of information. It let you convey the company’s messages precisely and clearly. The company can utilize this extra space to their advantage while giving a professional outlook to the booth. It is probably the best choice to showcase the brand’s services and benefits.

Teardrop-shaped flags

This is uniquely sketched on the shape of a teardrop and comes with a flexible pole set to keep it stand firm. Its exclusive design could be the best way to catch passers-by's attention. These two and other shaped flags are not only used to add to the decoration of the booth but also supported in advertising and company marketing, especially at the outdoor locations.

Benefits of feather flags

The best solution to market your company’s benefits

A promotional feather flag is the most suitable choice for an economical and professional way to display your specific company service or benefits. Or else, you can market your brand with these flags at any grand business event.

Design your flag with a fascinating message complimenting your logo in an alluring feather flag style!

One of the efficient tactics to increase customer engagement is to offer sales or highlight your giveaways on a flag banner. If your company is not interested in giving promotional products, you can put the spotlight on your special, elite, and top-class packages/services.

A decorative essential for Outdoor settings

Enhancing sales and business marketing are not the only purposes of flag banners. These are the cost-effective, quick, and the best solutions to amp up the look of your outdoor booth. Feather flags are considered a perfect outdoor decoration to make the location more appealing for customers while getting them engaged in your services for a bit longer, enough to impress them with your offers. Besides being used as ornamentation, the flags give a chance to present your brand as an enterprise that values professionalism.

Make your first impression a long-lasting by using uniquely crafted flag banners in impressive and space-saving styles

An effective way of advertising your brand

No business can get success without efficient marketing strategies and to let old and new customers know about your brand, what it does, how it does, and what benefits the client will get by using your services, there is no better option than a promotional feather flag banner displayed with enticing information and interactive graphical artwork.

Feather flags can be the quickest way to communicate with clients

Custom Flags Frequently Asked Questions

Feather flags are the promotional banners that give your outdoor and indoor booth setting a perfect outlook. It comes with a multitude of uses as they can be used for explaining the brand’s benefits, services, and available products. It works for all types of conventions, expos, and trade shows to market your company and also for promotional announcements. It attracts customers with its exclusive designs, graphics, and color theme.

We provide the top-quality flag banners giving hard-wearing use of years at cheaper rates to give a professional and decent look to your booth.

Choose either single-sided prints or double-sided banner prints with 100% block-out in between, to complement your booth’s style. With the single-sided flag, you will have only one side printed. Visually, it is more appealing and moves freely with the wind. A double-sided printed flag features an eye-catching design on both sides.

The selection of the base depends on the floor type or surface where you need to stand your flag.

  1. For soft ground, use a base with spike
  2. For a hard surface water base is the best choice
  3. For indoor settings, a cross-base stand will be a perfect fit

Yes, surely. If you are not skilled enough to create or design your product, you can contact our in-house team of expert designers which will guide you about designing by using the latest software. Starline Inflatables will help you customize your booth products and, we offer this service free of cost. Send us your graphic details, and high-resolution pictures and our qualified team will assure you to provide you the finest quality design.

Finding an exact color match is possible and easier if you send us the reference number from Pantone which is a universal color system with a massive variety of different shades. Another option is to provide us with colors yourself, for your graphics.

To display your flags, you need to buy feather flag pole kits separately. It comes with a ground stake base or cross-base which keeps your flag stretched for a clear display. On visiting Starline Inflatables, you will be provided with a wide selection of flag kits and bases so you would be able to pick the one you like or suits the flags.

Its two word answer is No. Regardless of the colors, either you choose to single, contrasting, or multiple, we will charge the same for the banners printed in full color.

At Starline Inflatables, we use lightweight, 4 oz. the polyester material of plastic-like property to design the feather flags or banners. It comes with ease-of-use, flexibility, and extra strength to withstand changing weather conditions. For support, its all-aluminum flagpole is made lightweight to offer portability and to bring versatility.

We use fabric that is heat-resistant and can withstand strong heat, but these are not fire-resistant. Whenever the polyester gets in contact with fire, the fabric will be burned and melted. Keep it at a maximum possible distance from flames or electric sparks.

Yes. You can visit our site, and go to the product page to choose any flag base or pole you need for your flag. You can purchase flags and flags accessories, separately.

It depends on the flag quality, fabric, and use. Feather flags made of durable, tensile, and high-quality fabric offer a long term of use, approximately 10 years. Similarly, if you keep your flag in bags, safe and clean, with extra care, it will last longer than 10 years.

Custom Flags



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